How To Reproduce Aquarium Banana Plants?

Aquarium banana plants are also known is banana lily, heart water lily, Fairy Water Lily, Aquatic Banana Plant, Nymphoides Aquatica, big floating heart, and the brain plant is native to southeast United State. Here don’t be confused for having several forms of the name.

Some types of banana plant’s roots are shaped like a banana, most probably for this reason it is called banana plant.

 However, banana plants are easy to reproduce and possibly to make lots of more plants from a single plant.

Many of its various spices this is the only spices to easy to plant because this is hardiest and most tolerant in low light and deep water.

At first glance, you might feel the plant is a small, immature, and specimen among other types of a lily pad. This plant is more peculiar you might think because of their particular root structure.

 A banana plant is scientifically known as “Nymphoides aquatic”. This name has come from water lily because they have sticky similarities in their genetic. However, this similarity is merely superficial to the banana plants.

Besides this, the banana plants are also under the family of “Menyanthaceae” which makes it relative to the “buckbean (Menyanthes trifoliata)”. They grow like a native calm body in the water.

The young leaves of banana plants are in the submerged in the water whereas the mature leaves eventually go to the surface of the water where they float.

Tips for Plant Aquarium Banana Plants

To provide your fish more natural environment and keep the fish tank unique, planting a new banana plant might be the best option for you.

Because it’s very simple, looking unique, and easy to plant. Moreover, you can propagate lots of new plants from its leaf.

Even when someone as a beginner wants to plant an easy to grow plants, I recommend them to plant a banana lily tree.

Planting a banana lily tree in an aquarium you Just have to make sure you have a minimum two inches substrate that can hold the tree’s roots when it attempt to float top of the water.

When you plant it in the soil you don’t need to have fertilizer because soil provides to the plant enough nutrients to keep the plant emphatic and healthy.

But planting in the substrate cannot provide enough nutrients like the soil so, it is ideal to use root tabs when you will plant the banana plant. Using root tabs will give you more nutrients to your plant.

Here keep in mind that a three (1/3) of the roots should be buried in the substrate otherwise plants can die for over burying.

Once you have buried it properly in the substrate make sure it won’t be able to float in the next time. If you place it by little weight substrate, the banana plant could be float or damage.

So it is important to plant the banana lily using the heavyweight substrate.

Perfect Lighting for Banana Plants

Banana plants or banana lily whatever you say is tolerant for both low light and the high light conditions. But what level of light should you use for a fish tank?

 If you love to see your plant to submerged in the water then low light is perfect for you. In the low light banana lily is likely to stay submerged in the water. It can

On the other hand, if you want to see grow it leaves across the surface to the aquarium then you can use high power of light. Here keep in mind that the more light you add on the aquarium the faster to grow your plants.

Lighting affects on the banana lily plant by changing their coloration. Using low power of light the plant’s leaves would be dark green and high power of light the leaves would turn into light-green coloration.

How do reproduce aquarium banana plants ?

Why you spend more money to buying more banana plants if you can reproduce it from a plant?

Banana plants are easy to “reproduce” when you have a well-maintained aquarium. In a well-maintained aquarium it is possible to reproduce by following the four steps:

  1. cut off a banana plant leaves at least 4 inch
  2. Let it float in the aquarium water.
  3. Wait until the new leaves and roots are growing
  4. After growing, plant the roots in your substrate

To successfully do this operation you have to need the low water flow, liquid fertilizer, and pretty high level of light in the aquarium.

Some Threat of Aquarium Banana Plants

Having a banana plant as a part of snail and plecos is difficult to keep in the same tank. Because snail and plecos are known for chomp banana plants.

 If you notice that your banana plants are anyhow swallowed then it is most possible to one of those have blamed it.

The other common problem of banana plants is plants lose their tubers. This could happen for two reasons; one of them is having lots of nutrients in the roots area and another is its genetic which is normal.

If the roots pull so many nutrients from substrate and water then there is really no need the tubers so that it falls off naturally.

In both cases, falling off tubers doesn’t mean that it is a major problem of your plants that could happen the plants die. Rather, if the plant is growing normally but falling off tubers is not a problem.

So there is no need to take any serious action.

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