Best Aquarium Background (2021) | Reduce Fish Stress

If your fish get afraid when seeing a reflection of his own in the fish tank glass, the aquarium backgrounds might help fish to get relief from the problem.

Most of the aquarium backgrounds are natural and colorful design, which help the aquarium to offer some depth and more visual interest that look really attractive and impact positively on fish health.

There are a lot of different types of backgrounds available in the market that seem to be attractive, but their impact on fish is different.

In this post, we are going to cover what is the best aquarium background, what kind of background fish loves, and how to select them.


Best aquarium background that fish would love

  1. Vepotek Double-Sided Aquarium Background
  2. SPORN Aquarium BAckground
  3. 2 Sided River Bed & Lake Background
  4. 2 Sided Driftwood/Floral Background Aquarium
  5. Fdit Forest Fish Tank Background
  6. Universal Rocks Flexible Aquarium Background
  7. Mangrove Sunlight Aquarium Background
  8. Silver Medley Rock/HD Stone Aquarium Background
  9. Dark Silver Flat Rock/HD Stone Aquarium Background

Do Fish Tanks Need Background

Aquarium fish essentially don’t need background, but it is a good idea to use the background on two or three sides of your fish tank.

Because a fish-tank background can directly impact on your fish and their color, and help to reduce the stress that is very helpful to keep fish healthy.

Another benefit of having a background is that it can enhance the natural look and make your fish tank more attractive.

That’s why most aquarists love to put the background on the aquarium.

Types of Aquarium Background

What type of aquarium background would be the best for you actually depends on your aquarium and fish type.

The important benefit of having an aquarium background is, it can reduce your fish’s stress and provide the pretty natural environment that fish loves.

If your fish is being bored in the aquarium, the background can help them to feel easy. It can also make the aquarium the most beautiful that would fresh your mind.

There are Three Types of Aquarium Background are Common to the Fish Keepers:


Painted on Background

 The type of background is painted on the aquarium glass using a solid color like blue or black.

The painted on the background is perfect for those type of aquarium that is extremely large, and the pre-made background which is available in the market can’t fit properly on the glass.

Cling or Vinyl Background

 The Vinyl background is probably the cheapest and easiest option to insert into the aquarium. It is sold by the dimension that your aquarium required, which ensures that it will perfectly be inserted into the fish tank.

3D Background

This is the most common aquarium background available in the pet store or online store. It is considered that it is helpful for cichlid or others who used to live in naturally rocky or wooded environments.

What to think before buying  an Aquarium Backgrounds

Choosing the perfect aquarium-background is not an easy task because it is tough to understand what color is lovely to your fish.

Besides this, there are some other things to consider when choosing an ideal background for your fish tank, such as

  • Size
  • Spices
  • Realistic
  • Aesthetics
  • Fish health
  • Nice-looking


When you consider choosing the best background for your aquarium, the size of the background should be a matter if you have a small tank.

When you have a small tank and use a black background, the fish tank looks very small, and fish might feel uncomfortable.

So it is important to be conscious before selecting a background for your fish tank.


 Before buying a background, think about what type of fish you have in an aquarium. Because some fish like dark weather while others love to see the light as much as possible.


 It is always a good option to use a background that is similar to nature that fish loves more.


 Ultimately, what type of aesthetics you should use in the background depends on you. If you have a lot of space in your tank and depend on the background for interest, then a large-scale design would be the best for you.

Fish health

 As I mentioned above that the background which is perfect and fish loves could impact positively your fish health. A perfect aquarium backgrounds can help to make your fish enjoyable and relaxed in the aquarium. That is most important to you as a fish keeper.

Top Aquarium Backgrounds

Best For Double-Sided:

Vepotek Double-Sided Aquarium Backgrounds

aquarium background

The double-sided vepotek background is the coral reef of one side, and the ocean seabed is another side printed using special printing techniques to provide a bright and bold color to enhance the natural look of your aquarium.

The background is made with three-layer waterproof protection and really durable. Even it doesn’t scratch when you insert or remove it from the tank.


Key Feature of Vepotek Double-Sided Aquarium Backgrounds

  • Comes in five sizes of a variety
  • Height 26.3 inches
  • Waterproof film paper

Best Static Cling Background:

SPORN Aquarium BAckgrounds

aquarium background

The “sporn aquarium-background” which is static cling, ensures you make your tank lifelike.

This background is fitted to most of the aquarium and is perfect for creating a beautiful look and increasing the appearance of your fish tank.

It is very easy to pin it up into the aquarium, and there are no tapes, glue, adhesive, or gel required to repone it.

Just remove it from the package, Cut it as required, Spray glass thoroughly, and apply it.

Another benefit of putting a sporn aquarium backgrounds is that you can easily remove it from the aquarium without getting any scratches, marks, or residue in the glass.

It is recommended to use two or three sides around the aquarium when you want to make your aquarium more realistic.


The key feature of Sporn Aquarium Backgrounds:

  • Hassle-free application
  • Hides water stains
  • Desired shape and size

Best Two Sided Background:

2 Sided River Bed & Lake Background

aquarium background


This two-sided aquarium backgrounds, which is one side is the Riverbed and another is the lake image, helps fish or other aquarium inhabitants to feel like nature.

Both sides of this background are a bright and vibrant color that can make your fish happy, especially in which the aquarium is placed in a low-light area.

If you have minimal plants and decor but want to make your tank more attractive, this would be the best option.

It is compact and has lots of interest that can add to your aquarium more illusion of depth.


Key Feature of Two-Sided River Bed & Lake Background:

  • Actual Size is 19.5″x 48″ Wide
  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Trim to fit

Best Driftwood Decorative Background:

2 Sided Driftwood/Floral Background Aquarium

aquarium background

This is a deep green and brown colored background that looks very natural without having any plants in your aquarium.

If you want something bright and beautiful, the two-sided driftwood and floral background can be a great choice as it looks really amazing behind the real aquarium plants and driftwood.

The image with the same color as the aquarium environment adds a lot of texture for depth and visual interest that is really attractive and mind-blowing.

It is also easy to apply and durable. When it comes to reverse the background is not hamper your aquarium glass and doesn’t make any scratch, which is pretty cool.


The key feature of Two-Sided Driftwood/Floral Background Aquarium:

  • Height 19.5″ H x 48″
  • Two-sided plants/driftwood
  • Extreme durable

Best Forest Design Background:

Forest Fish Tank Background

aquarium background

 This background looks like a forest made of high-quality PVC, which is waterproof, long-lasting, and easy to clean.

It is safe to use because there is no toxic, no bad smell, and absolutely doesn’t have any negative impact on the fish tank.

If you want a background that is underwater design, you can consider selecting it. Its bright color and high-quality print can make your fish tank a beautiful and fantastic atmosphere.


The key feature of Fdit Forest Fish Tank Background:

  • Five sizes available
  • Made with high-quality PVC
  • Easy to attached and removed

Best Rock Design Background:

Universal Rocks Flexible Background

aquarium background

 This background is a brown-colored and fantastic replica of a natural rock face which is made from a lightweight, thin, and flexible material.

It would seem to look that it is not just a photograph. Actually, it has real depth and texture, which adds an organic environment to your fish tank.

If you are looking for an HD background, you can check the Universal Rocks Flexible Background.


The key feature of Universal rock background:

  • Brown colored
  • 47 x 0.2 x 19.5 inches ; 1 pounds
  • Looks as realistic rock

Best Mangrove Design Background:

Mangrove Sunlight Background

aquarium background

The mangrove background is HD printed and has a lot of depth and details that look great when fish is swimming in front of the background.

It is fitted well most of the 55-gallon tank, is made of long-lasting material, and can prevent scratches in the aquarium glass.


The key feature of mangrove sunlight aquarium-background: 

  • Comes with 11 variations of size

  • Tear and scratches resistant
  • Realistic looks

Best HD Stone Background:

Silver Medley Rock/HD Stone Background

aquarium background

The silver medley rock/HD stone mostly fits a 55-gallon tank and can be cropped if the tank has not fit with that.

This is an uncommon background that shows a rock wall made of different types of rock colors, so everything looks unique and texture.

If you want something different that provides unique looks, the HD stone aquarium background would be the best choice for you.


The key feature of rock/HD aquarium backgrounds:

  • 21″ x 48″
  • HD quality
  • Uncommon

Best Dark Background:

Dark Silver Flat Rock/HD Stone Aquarium Backgrounds

best aquarium background

 This is a large enough background that is perfect for a 100-gallon tank. But if you have a small tank, you can cut them as your tank required.

It seems to be a slate grey rock wall that provides more interest and makes your fish tank attractive.


The key feature of Dark Silver Flat Rock/HD Stone Aquarium Backgrounds:

  • 21″ x 72″
  • More natural
  • Tapes to the back from the outside


How to Install Aquarium Backgrounds

There are some different ways you can follow to install a background in an aquarium. Though it depends on what type of background you want to install, the manufacturer usually recommends the best option that you should follow.

Watch This Video:


Aquarium Background Inside or Outside

You can put your aquarium backgrounds inside or outside of the aquarium, and it doesn’t matter when you know the background has no harmful adhesive for the fish.

Many fish tank backgrounds may have harmful adhesives that can cause sickness.

So it is not recommended to put background inside the aquarium until you make sure there is no harmful adhesive.