Best food for clownfish (Top brands for clownfish food)

My friend had a clownfish aquarium. I used to feed them whenever I went to his home. I noticed, he was very conscious about buying the best food for his clownfish.

According to the size and number, clownfish requires the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates. As well as Good food makes their immune system stronger and makes them healthy. 

Choosing food for clownfish is important. Because, the wrong pick can result in making your fish sick, may even kill them. So it is one must maintain caution in this matter.

However, The various types of food and brands can be befuddling to anyone. To make the task easy, here is a detailed discussion about clownfish food where You will be able to find the top healthy foods for your dearest clownfish to feed.

Top 7 food for clownfish  

Many get confused while buying the right food for clownfish. That is the reason I’ve collected a manual for the main elements you need to search for in your fish food. 

Additionally, I have united a manual of the top brands available at this moment. 

These are the top seven brands that are available in the store right now. Each has a comprehensive review and a description of the advantages and disadvantages of each kind. 

This should resolve your choice of food to more simple! Let’s have a look at the best food for clownfish.

1. API bottom feeder pellets with shrimp

Feed your clownfish a flavorful, supplement rich food that produces less alkali for cleaner water with API BOTTOM FEEDER SHRIMP PELLETS best macromolecule Sinking Pellets.

This fish food delivers up to 30% less alkali than heavily conflicted nourishments. Because they’re made with satisfactory shrimp and healthy protein for max absorption. This is one of the best food for clownfish I have found in the market at this moment.

A lot of supplements your fish processes, the less waste, and smelling salts. It’s an entire diet for all aquariums that are taking care of fish along with Catfish, Plecostomus, and Loaches. Feed two times every day and provide entirely the most exciting sum as your fish can burn-through and bounces in 30 minutes. 

Keep your fish compact, upbeat, and bright with food. It contains the best degrees of additions. Similarly, it helps to fabricate less waste, poisons, and stress.



  • Full of protein
  • Supports healthy growth 
  • Easy digestion formula 
  • Other fishes friendly
  • Takes time to dissolve 
  • Stays intact 


  • It can cause of cloudy water

2. Omega One Garlic Marine Pellets

This is an eminent thing from perhaps the most respected names in the business of clownfish food. Omega One uses the best trimmings and has a measured amount of proteins.

Moreover, it is close to unsaturated fats from ocean kelp and spirulina. When they are in full tone, they seem to be more active and lively. These pieces are insoluble, so this makes keeping your tank clean and clears fairly more easily.

The beta carotenes from the salmon in this thing help your fish in progressing and improving. All the proteins included here are normal, so there is no pre-taken care of things here!



  • Excellent fixings.
  • A long history of giving some top-notch fish food.
  • All fixings are naturally sourced. 
  • Intended to help bring out shades of your fish, 
  • Truly draws out those yellows and oranges.


  • Sometimes it sinks faster than usual

3. API fish food flakes

These pieces are specially formulated to help the shade of your fish. This is one of the exciting points of promising clownfish. No wonder it is one of the best food for clownfish.

This is an extensively available, nonexclusive fish food. It is suitable for a great range of fish, including clownfish. It includes protein-rich pieces that are expected to drive development in your fish. 

Also, this amount of API fish food is known to produce less waste. Thusly keeping your tanks water cleaner and all the more clear. This is better for your fish, and besides better for you. Because it deduces disturbing tank cleaning and more pleasing fish see! 

Wasted food is significantly a magnet for building many microorganisms. Moreover, it can cause environmental debilitating and even infirmity in your fish.



  • Enriched with protein
  • Perfect for growing fish 
  • Less waste
  • More clear water
  • Contains omega3 fatty acid 


  • Particularly doesn’t target clownfish

4. Ocean nutrition prime reef flake food

The simple blend of fish things used in the Prime Reef Flakes changes over into some real protein in a holder. It is very ideal for clownfish, even the most finicky fish will feel that it’s difficult to refuse. 

Maximum nutrition food will overall improve scale shading and imperativeness in your fish.

At the same time, it will be improving their framework to help in sickness opposition.

This regular mix of original, basic food gives a splendid wellspring of pure marine protein from the coral reef. It also makes an energizing flavor that marine tropical and freshwater fish can’t help it.

Clownfish loves it and quickly reaches toward the chip as soon as it hits the water. They can eat large drops too for being some minuscule fish! This food isn’t untidy and each fish likes it.



  • Staple nourishment. 
  • A superb source of unmodified marine protein. 
  • High protein and plentiful in nutrients. 
  • Improves hue and imperativeness. 
  • Planned and tried by hydroponics researcher.
  • Doesn’t cloud the water.


  • Becomes powdery 

5. Sera 170 vipan Pet Food

Sera Vipan is the overall staple food including carefully made chips for all fish. Especially for those that eat at the water surface. They purposely picked trimmings with prebiotic sway update prosperity and energy. 

Since the delectable and shape-holding pieces skim for quite a while they have consumed completely and don’t spoil the water. The healthy, sound piece guarantees food near nature and compels solid new turn of events, bewildering appearance, and brand name direct. Available true to form and large chips.



  • Floats for a long time
  • Great for surface eating fishes
  • A balanced composition of nutrition 
  • Makes fishes active 
  • Comes in regular and large size


  • Takes time to sink

6. Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp

Dried Brine solution shrimp is intended for new and one of the best saltwater fish food. It is a great refresher and nourishment for all exotic fish. This shrimp is very nutritious for finicky feeders. 

It is great for a primary eating regimen. It gives the most important supplements to keep up high energy levels and life in your fish. This shrimp contains green growth and diatoms.

It continues making them wealthy in proteins, lipids, and unsaturated fats that are necessary for organic cycles. Animates great development and improves the shade of your fish. Feed twice day by day, hungry fish will eat in a short time.



Enriched with nutrition

Energizes your fish 

Similar to wild food

Takes time to dissolve



7. Repashy SuperGreen

Its formula is made for herbivorous freshwater fish. Also, it can be used for algae eating invertebrates. It contains no animal product. Full of healthy minerals and fastens the growth of your fish. 

Blend one section of powder with 1/3 of water and mix until mixed. Put it in the microwave until it begins to bubble, eliminate, and mix. On the other hand, heat water to boiling in the oven, cool it down and mix in powder. 

Allow the holder to cool, or promptly fill out a size compartment or form. Allow it to sit at room temp until firm. The completed gel can be cut into 3D shapes, destroyed, or use the overall piece. 

To change the solidness of the gel, use pretty much water.



  • Easy to prepare 
  • Fish loves the smell
  • Can be preserved for a long time
  • No hassle of algae 


  • May dissolve quickly 

Buying guide

Before you buy fish food, there is certain stuff that you should keep in mind first


Different types of fishes eat different foods. Hence, you cannot just pick one randomly. You have to do some research before, about your pet fish and its food. 

Among different brands, make sure to pick the ideal one for your fish. Remember, a healthy diet is very necessary for your pet fish.


Fish foods are contained of many types of essentials for the growth of your fish. Carefully check the ingredients. Some have harmful elements that may kill your fish.

All the fishes don’t eat the same food. There are many formulas designed for numerous purposes. Pick what is compulsory to feed your fish. 

Make sure to check the amount of CO2, ammonia, and other particles. Also, try to check the smell too.

Frequently asked questions

What do clownfish eat?

Clownfish are omnivores. This refers to their eating routine comprised of zooplankton from the water segment, little shellfish, and little parts of green growth.

The particular food that clownfish burn-through relies generally upon what is accessible where the fish lives. Clownfish fall prey to various hunters, including sharks, eels, and other fish.

How many times a day should I feed my clownfish?

It is ideal to take care of in any event once every day. However, upon the size of the tank and inhabitants, clownfish will do fine and dandy being taken care of all other days. 

This will scale back support issues, for this reason, your clownfish will clearly develop at a slower speed. They can be taken care of as much as they will eat in around 2 or 3 minutes.

How many pellets should I feed my clownfish?

 Diet every day can be 4-6 pellets or 3-4 pieces of fish food. For live food and veggies, break the shape or veggies down to little pieces having the size of pellets or chips. 

Feed these in a similar amount as you would with pellets. To keep your clownfish most joyful, you should part the food in various ways for the duration of the day.

 How to feed clownfish frozen food?

You can take care of it saline solution and live food at times too, similar to krill, Mysis, or shrimp. You can also get frozen food for your fish to make taking care of it simpler. 

Clownfish also eat vegetables, so ensure you add a portion of those in their feeding time as well, similar to spinach or nori. You can get to buy both spinach and nori at your nearby supermarket.

How many days can clownfish go without food?

So, clownfish lifespan is about 3-4 years. Scientific research says that they can make it without any food for around 2 months. Incidentally, individuals have detailed as long as 3 months yet most propose around two months.

Also, it is gathered they get more aggressive with a penchant to assault when they are hungry. So you should not make them angry by not giving them food on time.


These are indeed the best food for clownfish. All of them are very healthy sustenance for your clownfish. If you cling to these other options and follow the captions, you can really end up being a successful clownfish owner. 

They are wonderful creatures. You must feed them right and contact with them mindfully. By then their vigorous direct and overwhelming shadings will bring you momentous stretches of euphoria!

This writing should give you a clear idea. If you are unsure why not ask a specific fish having a partner. Or fly into your local pet food store. The customer service may be eagerly waiting to help. 

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