Best Goldfish food | Why it’s Important?

Having a goldfish, one of the most challenging issues is to provide the best nutritional food based on what they need to keep them healthy.

The optimal goldfish health comes with the best food and a varied diet.

If you want to keep your fish to thrive well, you will need to feed them the best food with the right way that fish can be developed in its immune system, bone shape, and proper colour.

From flake to pellets to gel, there are many types of food available in the market you just have to choose the best one based on your fish needed which is pretty confusing.

Keep it reading if you want to know more about the “best goldfish food” that we have just analyzed all the alternative available in the market.

Best Goldfish Food

  1.  TetraFin Balanced Diet Goldfish Flake Food
  2. Goldfish Baked Snack Crackers
  3. API Goldfish Pellets

  4. Medium Sinking Pellets

  5. Repashy Super Gold

  6. Freeze Dried Bloodworms

  7. Aqueon Goldfish Granules

  8. Wardly advanced nutrition

  9.  Hikari Usa Inc AHK42553 Saki Goldfish

1. TetraFin Balanced Diet Goldfish Flake Food (For Optimal Health)

“Tetra Goldfish Vitamin C Enriched Flakes” comes with varieties of ingredients like a Fish meal, ground brown rice, shrimp meal, vitamin C, and other types of nutrients which are essential for optimal health of goldfish.

This scientific formula provides to goldfish that they need to diet along with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that are easy to digest and helps fish to maintain the proper immune system.

Besides this, the “Tetra Goldfish Vitamin C Enriched Flakes” effectively help to grow quickly with proper shape and enrich in color.



  • Specially designed for goldfish
  • Easier to digest
  • Complete diet for happy fish
  • Goldfish love to eat
  • Good price


  • Tank might be cloudy

2. API Goldfish Pellets

The baked snack crackers come in the market with varieties of form in size. This is the food that goldfish enjoy greatly and adore so much.

This is Made With Smiles And Enriched Wheat Flour, Cheddar Cheese, Vegetable Oils, Onion Powder, Monocalcium Phosphate, Baking Soda and lots of other healthy stuff that has no artificial flavours or preservatives.



  • Most delicious and tasty
  • No artificial preservative
  • Color sourced from plants
  • Improve immune system


  • No major cons have found

3. API Goldfish Pellets (For healthy growth and Clearwater)

The “API goldfish pellets” which is sunk into the tank water is specially made with optimal protein source and fiber to help fish digestion problem.

This is formulated for methodical use of the proper nutrients so that fish can properly consume the food and create less ammonia.

The less waste and the less ammonia in the aquarium helps a tank to keep clean and clear water that defence the dust to create an unhealthy environment.

The ingredients vitamins C and E which is used for making “API Goldfish Pellets” do improve the immune system of goldfish.

Feeding Time: feed your fish up to twice a day the amount that fish can consume within two minutes.



  • Produce less ammonia
  • Healthy digestive


  • Water might be cloudy

4. Medium Sinking Pellets (Special for sensitive digestive)

The brand Omega One LLC has released this product that is specially made for sensitive goldfish.

Goldfish that need a special digestive system food, for them, this can be the best one with perfect nutrition combination.

The Omega One Sinking Pellets is 100% meal-free and provides less starch than other types of food available in the market.



  • Fish love to eat
  • 100% meal fee and less starch
  • Enhance sufficient color
  • Sensitive digestive system


  • May noticed sink it slowly

5. Repashy Super Gold (Premix for goldfish and koi gel)

The Repashy Super Gold comes in the market with a gel form that is developed for excellent digestion. This is also suitable for fancy goldfish that means likely any variety of fish will gobble it.

In the packet of this food, is a powder form that you need to mix with water and heat and then require to cool to be gel.

Once you make it ready, you can refrigerate it for up to two weeks or can be frozen for a maximum of six months.



  • Specially developed for digestive
  • Able to cured Bladder Problems
  • Considered it high quality


  • No major cons have found

6. Freeze Dried Bloodworms (San Francisco Bay)

The freeze-dried bloodworms are the best source of high protein for freshwater and saltwater fish. The San Francisco Bay now offers the best authentic Freeze-dried bloodworms that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

The company ensures his customer that the Freeze-dried bloodworms are nutritious as natural live food which are risk-free of bad bacteria and parasites.



  • High protein
  • Risk-off bacteria and parasites
  • Favorite to fish
  • Decent quantity


  • No major cons have found

7. Aqueon Goldfish Granules (For daily feed)

The Aqueon Goldfish Granules provide to your fish the balanced nutrients that require in its daily feeding.

To maintain a healthy diet, the food comes up with excellent ingredients as well as color along with high-quality minerals, vitamin, and nutrients which is need to lead a healthy life.

It is expressly formulated so that fish can utilize what they eat and the food helps to reduce the production of debris.

Feeding time: feed in an amount that fish can consume under two minutes.



  • Produce less amount
  • Compatible with all types of fish
  • Helps to Cure swim bladder diseases


  • Might be noticed slow sinking.

8. Wardly advanced nutrition (Perfect protein)

The wardly food and accessories are the superior flake food that is accepted by all species of goldfish.

Goldfish that are uninterested in eating however can be interested in feeding wardly advanced nutrition flake food. It has an exceptionally advanced formula that fish love to eat and provides less waste in the aquarium.

Besides this, the food provides essential amino acids that fish get helped by healthy development in the body.



  • Don’t cause of cloudy water
  • Quickly visible to fish
  • Does not create odor
  • Temping to fish


  • Sink in the water quite fast

9. Hikari Usa Inc AHK42553 Saki Goldfish

This professional high-quality pellet food is specially designed for fancy goldfish and provides superior stress reduction so that fish do live away from stress.

This Hikari saki food also provides the vivid color-enhancement of the reds without making any negatives and improving immunity to infectious diseases.

This pellet comes in the form of sinking food which is sunk into the bottom of the tank water. If your fish Goldfish is sick anyhow, it is a good idea to feed them sinking food because when fish get sick, they don’t like to eat floating food.



  • Reduction of infectious diseases
  • Reduction stress
  • Also, feed small goldfish
  • Reduce the risk of bladder problems


  • No major cons have been found.

Types of Goldfish Food

In the wild, goldfish are omnivores and they like to eat small crustaceans, plants, insects, mosquito larvae, small fish, zooplankton, and detritus which are much healthier for goldfish.

When it comes to the aquarium, there are lots of brands in the market that are making food providing the same types of value as the wild.

Types of goldfish food that are available in the market:

  • Flakes
  • Floating pellets
  • Sinking pellets
  • Gel
  • Live foods
  • Freeze-dried live foods
  • Vegetables


 Flake food is a kind of dry food that is used for freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish.

Though flake food is popular with many aquarists, it has been blamed for losing nutrients as soon as it is mixed into the water.


Pellet is the food that is known for the sink in the aquarium water but there are both “floating” and the “sinking” form available in the market.

Normally pellets dissolve into the water slowly which means your fish can eat it for a longer time.

Floating pellets

The floating pellets are not very common to the fish owner. Not only the pellets but also all the floating foods stay on the surface of the aquarium water when feeding fish.

As a result, some of the fish may face digestive problems because when fish is going to eat floating food and the air enters the fish mouth unexpectedly.

Sinking pellets

Sinking pellets that instantly sink into aquarium water provide the most natural habitat for your goldfish to feed.

But there is a problem you might find for sink foods (decomposed and uneaten) which remain under the substrate, rocks and decorations make the tank cloudy, odor and failed water.


Gel food is considered a well digestive food for its moist feature. It is easiest to digest and has optimal nutrients than flakes and pellets.

Live foods: Live food can be one of the best sources of protein, especially if you have growing fish that need more energy to grow.

The brine shrimp, daphnia, tubifex worms, glass worms, and snails are the common live food.

Freeze-dried live foods

Provide frozen food to your goldfish has a big advantage in that it has less possibility to infect fish.

There are many live foods that are available on freeze form that is called freeze-dried live foods.


Vegetables like broccoli, Zucchini, peas, and potatoes are the best to feed your goldfish. But before feeding the vegetables make sure you have boiled these as well.

What Ingredients are Optimal to Goldfish?

There are various types of the best food available in the market for goldfish, and some of them are special for their different nutrition.

The different nutritional food, goldfish need when they become sick or aged demand.

It’s not hard to feed your fish by requiring nutrition that is already provided in the market by many brands based on your fish needed.

So, a great way to provide the best food for your goldfish is to know about fish nutrition.


In the wild, goldfish would get the highest protein from small fish and various types of insects.

So when considering protein on food, make sure it comes from fish meal, shrimp meal, krill meal, anchovy meal or herring meal which is the best protein source for your goldfish.

Like other important components of nutrition, proteins are the most essential to goldfish for their healthy growth and proper development.

The protein in the fish body develops muscle and tissue as well as the actual energy that fish is required.

A younger goldfish needs an excessive amount of protein than an older goldfish.

To maintain a healthy life a younger goldfish needs 45% (percent) of protein in their total diet.

On the other hand, an older goldfish required a little amount of protein that is 30% (percent)

So before feeding or buying food, make sure you can adjust the amount of protein that goldfish is needed by the different ages group.


Goldfish get energy from fats, and it is most important to younger fish that need to be grown and keep up the physical structure. And, older goldfish need Fats in order to prepare for cold water or winter months.

Goldfish use Fats for their wide range of bodily processes and fats help goldfish by developing their regulation of the organ, immune system, and tissue.

It is ideal to keep 4 to 10 percent fat in a daily diet, and if you have younger goldfish or cold weather, the fish may require more fats that help fish to keep growing.

But if you have mature adult fish or summer weather, the fish may feel disturbed for having the regular fats. So, it is ideal for reducing the fats to keep fish well-trimmed.


Like humans, fish also need vitamins that help to promote their healthy scales, digestion, eyesight, growth, and immune system.

Think about vitamin C that is not only important to improve the immune system in the body but also helps to prevent illness and diseases.

Like vitamin C, vitamin A, D, and K are also important to develop healthy skin, metabolism, vision, organ and blood regulation,

Most of these vitamins come with protein and fat, but you can individually identify the volume of vitamins, proteins, and fats which is displayed on the packing box.

If your fish feel a lack of vitamins, the fish might be issued with anything from general tiredness to skin lesions.

Fortunately, there are many flakes food available in the market (mentioned above) that provide all the appropriate vitamins that goldfish need.


The minerals are pretty similar to vitamins, but when it comes to goldfish health, it needs in a smaller amount than the vitamin.

Minerals like, zinc, calcium, potassium, or magnesium help to create new bone tissue and regulate the salt level in the blood.

In the wild, both goldfish and koi fish inherently absorb minerals from nearby water, but in the aquariums, having minerals in the food sometimes provide better health.

How often to feed goldfish

Now you already know what is the ideal food for your goldfish and what kind of food you should use to feed them.

Now it’s time to understand how often to feed your goldfish.

Actually, how many times a day you should feed them depends on the following things:

  • Goldfish ages
  • Water temperature
  • Health condition
  • Total number of fish in an aquarium or pond

These are the factors you should consider before feeding your goldfish to develop their health.

Think about when your fish is spawning or breeding condition it needs more food, so giving food to them more frequently helps the spawning fish to produce more eggs.

On the other hand, it is ideal for feeding the goldfish two to three times a day on a regular basis is a perfect option, especially which require normal health.

Here keep in mind that the regular basis food habit helps your fish to maintain their healthy life.

So it is important to ensure the “same time” (The exact time when you feed) and the “same amount of food” you provide them to lead a healthy diet.

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