Best Protein Skimmer for 20 Gallon Tank

Protein skimmers are used in aquariums for ensuring a safe place for tank inhabitants.

It helps to filtrate and cleanse the water. By reducing organic and chemical waste, it offers the best water quality.

There are various protein skimmers available in the market according to size and power. For a 20-gallon tank, you need a nano protein skimmer. So that it fits properly and does its job carefully. 

In this article, we are going to introduce readers to the three best protein skimmer for a 20-gallon tank. Our professionals have handpicked them personally after researching their features and specifications.

We hope this guide will help you pick up the best protein skimmer for 20 gallon.

A comparison chart

Protein Skimmer Size Color Special Features Price
Bubble Magus QQ1 Hang-On Nano Protein Skimmer 5.8″L x 4.4″W x 10.5″H Black Has Rock SP600 Pump Check Latest Price
Eshopps Protein Nano 10-35G Skimmer 5 x 2 x 4 inches blue Great for medium bio load Check Latest Price
Mame skimmer 3.94 x 3.94 x 11.42 inches transparent Made of glass Check Latest Price

Review: best protein skimmer for 20-gallon tank

Best for heavy bioload: Bubble Magus QQ1 Hang-On Nano Protein Skimmer


We are starting the review with a nano yet powerful protein skimmer for the 20-gallon water tank. This is a hang-on skimmer introduced in the market by bubble magus. 

This product is generated for use in an aquarium that is heavily loaded. A closer look at the features will give readers a proper idea.


This is a small size protein skimmer. So, it fits easily in smaller tanks. It is innovative to use for tanks up to 25 gallons. 

A rock SP600 pump is there to offer maximum power and smaller bubbles to filtrate the water without causing any trouble.


This product is easy to install and effortless to use. It takes day one or two to start working in a heavily loaded water tank. The needle wheel pump reduces the foam bubble of water and makes the water look cleaner.

There are some maintenance issues regarding this product. You need to clean the collection cup regularly. Also, the sponge needs to be rinsed regularly.

The features we like:

Effortless: it’s easy to use and adjusts perfectly with smaller size aquarium

Powerful: the needle wheel SP600 pump is quite powerful and offers a great amount of filtration

Noise-free: it works fine without creating any additional noise.

The features we hate

  • Sometimes the skimmer leaks some microbubbles.
  • The overflow tube is shorter than required.

Best for medium bioload: Eshopps Protein Nano 10-35G Skimmer


Next, we are going to discuss a less powerful tool that is designed to use in the medium-loaded water tank. It is a nano skimmer from the brand Eshopps. 

The filtration system and the power supply of this skimmer are quite extraordinary. A briefed detail is provided so that readers get a better idea.


This is a smaller size skimmer that works wonders. This compact tool produces a good amount of skimmer and leaves a healthy environment for your water pets. 

It is easy to install and works fine just after 2 hours of installation. The product is made of high-grade material and the quality is tested by professionals.


It provides adequate support for smaller tanks from 10 gallons to 25 gallons. It’s better not to use a 30- or 35-gallon water tank. 

There is a magnet that makes the product easier to tune. Also, it ensures great support for a good amount of time. Also, it is quite durable.

But the reservoir of the skimmer is pretty difficult to remove. Also, the skimmer sometimes overflows and creates quite trouble for the user.

The features we like:

Compact size: the size of the tool is quite favorable in all types of aquariums. It fits beautifully and adapts to the environment quite meticulously.

Easy to use: the product is easy to install and removing the cup is also not much of a trouble. All you have to do is, be a little cautious with your working time.

Quality: the product is made of high-grade material and ensures the safety of the water filtration and provides a safe environment for pets.

The features we hate:

  • Leakages happen from time to time.
  • Sometimes it overflows and spills everywhere.

Best for normal bioload: Mame Skimmer:


Lastly, we have a less powerful tool in our list that is designed for a smaller water tank. If your water tank is mostly clean, still you need a powerful tool to handle the filtration process then a light-loaded skimmer like Mame is the best solution available in the market. 

Let’s have a total overview of this tool so that we will compare this product with the rest.


The main purpose of a protein skimmer is to remove organic waste from the water. Mame is a brand that can be fully trustworthy on this platform. It is compatible with all smaller tanks. It works simply but the outcome is perfect.


It not only provides a safe environment for fishes, but also it helps to make the water cooler when it is summer. Most importantly, it does not make any sound while operating. 

The completely enclosed design helps to maintain a quiet place. Also, the skimmer makes sure oxygen dissolves quickly into the water

The features we like

High-performance: despite being smaller in size it shows a good performance in dissolving organic waste

Noise-free: this glass tool works without creating any sound

Effective: it aids in cooling the water in summer also helps in gas exchange

The features we hate

  • It is made of glass. So, the material is pretty fragile.
  • The durability of this tool is questionable.

Final Verdict

We have included a brief review along with a comparison of the Best Protein Skimmer for 20-gallon Tank. The review will help you to choose the best pick. 

If you are facing some trouble with selecting the best choice, our recommendation is to go for the second option. 

The protein skimmer manufactured by Eshopps has a good filtration system and fits perfectly. So, this can be beneficial for your pets.

We hope your pets will stay safe and have a healthy environment to live freely. 

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