Best 3 Protein Skimmer for 500 Gallon Tank

So, you are thinking of having a saltwater aquarium in your house? But maintaining it is not that easy. No saltwater aquarium can work flawlessly without a protein skimmer. 

Either it is a nano water tank or a giant pond, you will need a powerful protein skimmer to filtrate water regularly.

We have come again with a review of the best protein skimmer for a 500-gallon tank for your convenience. 

A comparison, an overview, and our recommendation of the three protein skimmers for 500-gallon tanks will help you to pick the perfect product.

So, let us get started.

Protein Skimmer Color Size Special Feature
Red Sea Reefer 600 Protein Skimmer Red 11.42 x 8.27 x 21.26 inches flexibility
Reef Octopus Super 10” in Sump Space Saver Skimmer Transparent 13”x11”x25” Sump space saver
Red Sea Reefer 900 Protein Skimmer Red 11. 4″ x 10. 6″ 3 assembly options

Best Protein Skimmer For 500 gallon Tank

Red Sea Reefer 600 Protein Skimmer

best protein skimmer

Firstly, we have a 500-gallon protein skimmer from red sea reefer. RSR is a renowned brand when it comes to aquarium and water inhabitants. 

This skimmer provides good filtration and needs less time to operate. A total outlook of features will let us know more about this product.

Highlighted features: Red Sea Reefer 600 Protein Skimmer


It is a high-performance protein skimmer that is usable in a 160 to the 500-gallon water tank. This product includes a PSK pump as well as a diffuser, reaction body, and venturi. 

Whether it is bio or chemical waste, this skimmer can deal with them for a long period. You will find a rubber connector and air silencer with this product. All in, this can be completely satisfactory to your water inhabitants.


Three assembly options allow flexible positioning. Also, the base is movable. Its footprint is the most amazing feature that satisfies customers.

Though it is a quality product, there are certain questions about RSR’s durability.

Pros and Cons: Red Sea Reefer 600 Protein Skimmer

The features we like

  • Performance: its features lead to a high-performance after installation. It ensures good filtration as well as efficiency in cleaning.
  • Noise-free: the product operates without any vibration. There is an air silencer that ensures quite an operation.
  • Flexibility: the movable base and assembly options offer top-class flexibility.

The features we don’t like

Durability: in many households, it stopped working after a few months of installation.

Reef Octopus Super 10″ in Sump Space Saver Skimmer

best protein skimmer

Next in line, we are going to talk about a highly functional 500-gallon protein skimmer. It is a new advanced product in the market that has drawn many hobbyists’ attention since its arrival. A close outlook is provided below.

Highlighted features: Reef Octopus Super 10″ in Sump Space Saver Skimmer


This high-performance protein skimmer is designed to perform a good job in the 400-gallon water tank. The innovative technology introduced calcium reactor design with this product. 

The pump is built into the bottom of the skimmer. So, you will get a smaller footprint. Also, there is less turbulence than other products.


Unlike competitors, this product comes with three years of warranty. So, the durability and strength of this skimmer are unquestionable.

But there are some problems with its capability. It is built-in for up to a 400-gallon water tank. if your tank is not heavy bioload, It does work effectively in your tank. 

Pros and cons: Reef Octopus Super 10″ in Sump Space Saver Skimmer

The features we like:

  • Size: This product comes in different sizes according to your aquarium type. So, there will be no issue regarding its positioning.
  • Functions: silencer, collector, and controlling power of this device is quite impressive
  • Warranty: you will get a full 3-year warranty with this product. So, it is a long-term usable durable product.

The features we don’t like:

  • It is designed for a 500-gallon tank lite bio-load. Mid-size aquariums will benefit from this skimmer.

Red Sea Reefer 900 Protein Skimmer

best protein skimmer

Last but not least, we have another RSK product that will conclude our review. This is their 900-protein skimmer, which is more powerful and more effective. 

Its technology and functions work side by side to ensure a better living space for your fishes and turtles. Let us have a clearer look.

Highlighted features: Red Sea Reefer 900 Protein Skimmer


This highly effective skimmer is designed for a larger tank of 240 to 740 gallons. So, its effectiveness does not need any compliments. 

There is an ergonomic diffusion chamber for smaller size bubbles. It does not reduce water flow in the process.


This product is noise-free and allows a quiet operation with vibration-absorbing components. Also, three assembly options provide flexibility of the valve. It comes with a 1200 PSK pump.

Pros and cons: Red Sea Reefer 900 Protein Skimmer

The features we like

  • High performance: its incredible feature allows it to do a great job in 500-gallon water tanks.
  • Footprint: it ensures less footprint than competitors
  • Efficiency: the product works fast after installation

The features we hate

  • There is some issue with its fitting with the aquarium cover.
  • Some customers think it leaks after some months of usages.

Final verdict

Here, in this article, we have included a thorough description of the best protein skimmer for a 500-gallon tank. We have included a comparison chart so that you get a brief idea and can choose wisely.

But from an expert’s view, we prefer the third product, which is from Red-Sea-Refer. That skimmer has greater efficiency than the rest two. The price might rise because of its higher performance. But it is a worthy purchase. 
We hope your fishes live a healthier and happier life in a sanitized water tank.

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