Biocube Protein Skimmer Setup and Instruction (Step by Step)

The biocube protein skimmer is now being the most popular and acceptable skimmer for its reasonable price and superior performance on nano tanks. In an aquarium, a coralife biocube protein skimmer removes uneaten food, proteins, and organic fish waste before converting them into harmful bacteria like ammonia and nitrite. Besides this, it aerates the water as well.

In this post, I will show you how to set up a biocube protein skimmer correctly and the best way to tune it.

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How to Set Up a Biocube Protein Skimmer?

Unbox the Package

Unbox the biocube protein skimmer and make sure all the parts are ok and ready to install. There may have shipping issues that may cause broken parts.

Rinse all the parts before installation

To destroy any unexpected virus or harmful bacteria, rinse the protein skimmer and its all parts thoroughly with warm water. It will make sure your fish is safe from any infection. However, never use any chemical for rinsing. The warm water is enough for that.

Cut Airline Tube 

Cut the airline tube in 2 pieces by 6” length. And, connect them to the control valve and check valve.

Open Reaction Chamber Cap

Open the reaction chamber top cap and insert the airline tube through its bottom hole. Push it until it is come out of the reaction chamber. 

Attach Airstone with the airline tube

And then attach the airstone. After attaching the airline tube to the airstone, pull it down until it is fitted well bottom of the reaction chamber.

Ensure Airflow Valve and Check Valve are Attached by the Airline Tube

Now, Be sure that you’ve attached the inline airflow valve and check valve just like below the picture.

Remove Cartridge and Set the Protein Skimmer

Remove Cartridge from chamber one and set the protein skimmer using its suction cup or hanging clip.  If you do it correctly, the biocube cap will close correctly.

You are Done

Now, Plug in the pump and adjust the airflow level that your tank is required.

Why is My Protein Skimmer Foaming Excessively?

The excessive foaming problem isn’t only happening with the biocube protein skimmer, but it may also happen for all skimmers due to numerous reasons. However, it will easy to fix when you know what things are actually being wrong with you.

So, here are some possible reason that can make your skimmer excessive foaming

New Setup Skimmer

It is most common for a newly setup skimmer that it is creating excessive bubbles. Normally it takes 2 to 4 weeks to matured a protein skimmer for best performance. At this time it can be operated unpredictively and creating excessive foam in collection cups. This excessive bubble syndrome most of the time happens for lacking biofilm in the skimmer body.

Running Skimmer in Tank Cycling Period

If you run your skimmer during the tank cycling period, it can create an excessive bubble syndrome and increase foam production in the water column. It is not important to skim the water during tank cycling because at that time the water quality has naturally good and suitable for fish.

Using Water Conditioner

Another common reason for foam production is using a water conditioner like de-chlorinators, stress coat, etc.

Fish Medications

If you use medications for your fish you can face the problem of overflowing the water with foam. Because there may have some chemicals that are liable for that.

There are some other common reasons below:

Oily Foods

Improper skimmer tuned

High Internal Water Level

Improper Maintenance

Incorrect etup 

Chemicals, Foods and Other Additive


A protein skimmer is a mandatory part of any saltwater aquarium. For making your tank crystal clear and making a perfect filtration system for your aquatic creature, you must have a good skimmer. Also, it should be set up perfectly in order to get the best performance from it. That’s why I have created this article about biocube protein skimmer setup and instruction.

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