Fluval Chi Aquarium Review | Is It Worth?

 A beautiful and well-decorated aquarium can create an aesthetic look into a home or office and helps to refresh the mind after getting bored. Fluval chi aquarium is actually those types of aquarium developed by feng shui is a beautiful small aquarium that contains 5-gallon water equivalent to 18.93 litres. It promotes the essential value of fish health and creates a perfect environment by soothing filtering sound during the water motion. Also, it has an excellent filtration system and lighting features. 

Fluval Chi Aquarium Review

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The Fluval Chi aquarium tank is made of pure glass with a plastic lid.

 While some people like acrylic tanks, the Fluval Chi aquarium kit is designed for long durability. The glass tank is usually cheap and scratch-resistant compared to an acrylic tank.

However, the Fluval chi aquarium tank you might find is pretty heavy in weight but strong and capable of holding the water perfectly. The important things to consider in buying a glass tank are lasting over seven to ten years. 


Manufactured by Fluval
Brand Fluval
Color  White and Black
Material Glass
Capacity 5 US Gal (19L)
Dimension 14.4 x 14.4 x 17.5 inches
Weight 16 Pounds
Wattage 4.4 W
Lumens 147 lm
Color Temperature 7600k
Shape Rectangular
LEDs 17


The Fluval Chi aquarium has come with all the necessary accessories like a Low Voltage Filter, LEDs, Filter Media, Replacement foam Pads, Filter Pads,  and other essential stuff. It has also come with a secure low voltage transformer to make a safe electrical transformation in the aquarium. It ensures the tank fish a natural habitat. 

With the glass aquarium with base, this aquarium kit includes 1 fl (oz) 30ml Nutrafin Cycle Biological Supplement. This biological supplement is totally safe for aquarium fish and plants and can instantly grow beneficial bacteria to trash the ammonia, nitrates, and dangerous bacteria from the tank.

Filtration System

The Filtration system of this Fluval Chi Tank is quite good. The filter is ready for 3 types of major filtration- biological, chemical, and mechanical.

To remove the floating debris, toxins, and discolouration of the tank, the water is transferred through the bottom filter cover and then treated by the double-sided filter pad. Then the water goes into the second foam pad in order to raise the beneficial bacterial growth.

Once the water is filtered properly, the including pump pulls up the water by the filter cube and falls back into the aquarium containing the fish’s adequate oxygen level.

It has enough capacity to filter the water several times for making the tank clear and purified.


It is important to have a proper lighting system in an aquarium to maintain a healthy and attractive aquarium. That’s why the Fluval chi aquarium kit has come with 17 low voltage LEDs. The effect of these LEDs is really perfect for fish and bacterial growth. It shines brightly into the aquarium and makes the fish and plants visible from the outside.

The light is made in such a way that you can turn on it without disturbing your aquarium creatures.


This aquarium kit is really well decorated and designed to give positive energies to aquarium creatures. It would be a perfect decoration for a small room and office where the space is limited. Keeping this aquarium in your home can be a treatment for stress and blood pressure. Because a beautiful-looking aquarium can add numerous benefits to human health.

Our experience

We have found this Fluval Chi aquarium kit is satisfied with its dimension, looking, water fountain sound, super simple set up, and some other features.

For people who are want something big than a bowl, this aquarium kit is undoubtedly a perfect choice.

In our close look at the Fluval Chi aquarium kit, we noticed Fishes had loved this new aquarium so much and the filter worked perfectly without creating any noise. It had worked very well for a 5-gallon tank. And the light was done a great job for increasing the visibility of fish and its decoration. 

This tank is perfect for those who want a rimless tank and love to keep it on a bookshelf or desktop. The tank’s weight without water is around 14 lbs, and with water (no substrate or decoration), its weight becomes around 56 Ibs, which is suitable for a desktop and bookshelf.

If the water fountain (or motion) you find noisy, you can use its plastic dome that comes within its kit pack. But the water movement was perfect for us. The fountain and everything related to it looked great.

The only thing we found that the pump was slightly weak, and it tends to flow the water on the top of the tank.

Another thing we had noticed that the light and the pump were attached. That can be a problem when one stops working because you need to replace both lights and pump together, although one is working well.

However, we love everything about this fish tank. The filter and light are worked great. And it looks really pleasing and lovely in our room and feels relaxing at night.

Why is it good?

The Fluval Chi aquarium tank is essentially a nano tank. If you have some small fishes in it, the filter can sufficiently clean the biowaste as well as keep the water crystal clear. As a nano tank, it is recommended to avoid keeping too many fish in a small aquarium. The common and useful rule of keeping fish in an aquarium is 1 inch of fish for each gallon tank. It is a rule of thumb.

That means you can put five inches of fish in this Fluval Chi aquarium tank easily. And The reality is the tank does a great job of actually what it should be done.

In this aquarium, you can easily modify the accessories or some parts without having any trouble. After the water changes, the water is really be cleared in less time. The filter works really great for what actually it should do. And, for normal cases, you don’t need to change the filter fully even most of the time you can solve the problem by cleaning it.

The included light provides a beautiful glow, especially when it is dark or at night. 

There are some other features that make it a great tank

  • Beginner-friendly design
  • Perfect nano tank size
  • Comes with everything you need to set up
  • Effective 3 stage multi filtering process
  • Beautiful fountain 
  • Provide aquarium supplement for instant fish keeping
  • Strong tank glass
  • Glass is extremely sturdy
  • Easy maintenance

Why it is not good?

Actually, there is nothing that can make the tank useless. Even it has no limitation to maintenance. Fish can create their habitat here almost naturally. But you can not keep so much fish in this tank. It can’t hold too many fish or creatures.

When it comes to LEDs, they can’t be able to illuminate fully if you tend to keep so many plants that need more light in the tank. The light is only perfect for low-light plants. 

What fishes are perfect for Fluval Chi Aquarium?

The Fluval Chi aquarium tank is mentioned as a small tank. In this tank, you can put betta, guppies, cherry shrimp, mollies, neon tetra, rasbora, etc. Along with these types of fish, you can keep any low-light plants in this tank. The aquarium will work perfectly work for these types of creatures. There is no hassle.

Fluval Chi 1 Year Review (Video)


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