Best Fish Tanks For Beginners 2021 (Expert Suggestions)

It doesn’t matter how much interest you have in an aquarium; the success of your aquarium hobby mostly depends on your choice of a tank, their maintaining accessories, and food. Fish tanks that can hold all the environment of nature should be perfect for sustaining your aquatic environment and providing an enjoyable place.

In the market, fish tanks come with many variations like size, shape, design, and even offer extra features that may keep your tank more natural and unique.

Because of having so many alternatives, you may find it challenging to choose the fish tank from numerous options, especially when you are a beginner.

Don’t worry. To make the task easy, we “Aquariumhelps” are here to help you go over the right decision so that you can get success in your aquatic life.

In this detailed post, we are going to cover all the essential things that a beginner should know to maintain their very first aquarium and find out some awesome best fish tanks for beginners.

List of Best Fish Tanks For Beginners

  1. Tetra Aquarium 20 Gallon Fish Tank Kit
  2. SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set
  3. Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium LED
  4. GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank
  5. Aqueon LED Aquarium Kit
  6. biOrb MCR Aquarium
  7. Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit
  8. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit 5 Gallon
  9. Marina LED Aquarium Kit
  10. Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit

Beginner Fish Tank Overview

Tetra Aquarium 20 Gallon Fish Tank Kit

Tetra Aquarium 20 Gallon Fish Tank Kit

Tetra aquarium kit would be a complete package for a beginner. However, you can also use it if you want to upgrade your existing tank. The tank includes a 20 Gallon glass tank (available in different sizes), an LED hood, a 100 Watts heater, a whisper 20 filter, an artificial Boxwood Plant Mat, and two artificial plant multipacks.

The manufacturer of this tank wanted to make this one is a different style and unique looking proving a premium quality to customers. They kept their speak and did it perfectly so that the result was just amazing.

It is looking impressively vigorous, classy, and flashy.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Complete package to starting
  • Glass is sturdy and strong
  • Energy-saving LED lights


  • You may feel that the filter is made cheaply, however, works great

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

As mentioned with the name, the tank comes with acrylic materials instead of glass. However, this is the tank that is 17 times stronger than a glass tank and doesn’t increase its weight for that. Even it is more clear to see than a typical glass tank.

If you are looking for a beginner aquarium tank that is more simplistic and realistic, the SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set would be the best choice for you. It has four variations of sizes, and each of them provides its combo pack is an Acrylic tank and 24″ electrical light fixture. But it has no heater.

You can use this tank for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium purposes, and it’s totally safe for your children and loving pets. It is much more impact-resistant.

Key features of the SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set:

  • Dimensions 36 x 12 x 16 inches
  • Weigh 20 pounds
  • Come with four variations and two choices hexagon and rectangular
  • 24″ Electrical light fixture
  • Reflector
  • Impact Resistant
  • Less prone to chipping or cracking
  • Can be used in both purpose freshwater and saltwater
  • Perfectly clear and beautiful


  • Easy to clean
  • Better temperature holding capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Beginners friendly


  • Same to previous

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium LED

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium LED
This is another best aquarium for both beginners and experts that is very easy to set up and maintain. All the essential things that a fish tank should have as mandatory, the Coralife Led Biocube, has included. That means, in a normal situation, you don’t need to buy anything else to make it run.

The sleek modern hood of this aquarium includes vibrant LED lightings that create a natural environment for freshwater and saltwater fish. Also, an integrated 24-hour timer that comes with three independent channels is bright white, sparkling blue, and color increase LEDs that make the aquarium look beautiful.

The lighting system is an automatic programmable that allows creating a sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and more tint to keep the tank natural as much as possible for your fish and corals.

This pretty cute aquarium tank comes to the market with everything you need like Lights, Filter, Filter Pump, and more. Not only you are getting these filters, pumps, and lights, you will also get a temperature controller in this “Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium LED” that is included in its package.

The temperature controller helps you to measure whether your tank water is suitable for fish or not. If the tank water is over temperatures, you can easily understand this controller and can take action based on the aquarium requirements. It is attached to a cooling fan and it counters the heat that is generated from filters and LED lights.


  • White LEDs for daytime
  • Sparkling blue Moon Glows for nighttime
  • Integrated 24-hour timer
  • customizable filtration chamber


  • Phenomenal and plenty of space
  • Everything is easy to use
  • Beginners friendly


  • The only issue you may find the fan would be noisy

GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank

GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank
This is another great fish tank for beginners that comes with four different variations. It has come with 3 Gallon, 5 Gallon (cessent and portrait design), and 20 Gallon tank variations so that beginners can choose the tank based on their preference. (However, If you are a beginner in fish keeping, I recommend you to start with a large tank because It has more benefits than a tiny aquarium.)

The 20-gallon variation of this tank is a complete aquarium, I think, for all beginners. In this package, the company provides a 20-gallon glass tank, LED hood, Mini UL heater, whisper 20 filters, 13″ LED light stick, Fish food, Water conditioner, and more. I think you will get everything that you need to highlight your fluorescent pet fish.

Moreover, the 5 Gallon tank with crescent and portrait variation also has beginner’s friendly equipment. And the same things for 3 Gallon tanks.


  • Designed as a starter kit
  • Unique variations
  • Fish friendly
  • Attractive looking


  • You may find the filter is noisy

Aqueon LED Aquarium Kit

Aqueon LED Aquarium Kit
This is a 20 Gallon starter kit that comes with all necessary equipment for a newbie. This starter kit is included a rectangular glass tank, a five-step filtration system, a fishnet, quality fish food, a submersible heater, a water conditioner, and some basic stuff. In addition, you will find a setup guide to set it up correctly and running accurately in this aquarium.

To help you change the “cartridge,” the Aqueon LED Aquarium Kit includes a Quiet Flow power filter with LED lights. It flashes automatically when it’s time to change the filter cartridge. That means you don’t need to guess whether it requires any change; it’s time to avoid guessing.

The preset heater of this aquarium keeps the temperature appropriate without any troubling. This heater is perfectly suitable for any tropical fish. The hood that is attached with low-power led lights provides plenty of light and medium-light to aquarium plants.

I really like the lighting system of this tank that makes your fish and tank look attractive.


  • Five unite filtration systems.
  • Integrated lighting unite
  • Filter with indicator


  • Setup is easy
  • Complete package
  • Ideal for beginners


  • It seems to me that the filter is small for the tank

biOrb MCR Aquarium

biOrb MCR Aquarium
People who love something different and unique can consider choosing this biOrb flow 30 aquaria that come with nice built-in LED lights. This is the light that is perfect to create and provide some illumination to your fish. You may find that the light is nothing special, but it really has something appealing and attractive.

The tank is made with acrylic materials that are ten times stronger than glass aquarium and has truly five-stage filtration systems: these are Biological, Mechanical, Chemical, Water Stabilization, and Oxygenation.

It is ideal for small fish and shrimp and really compact to keep in less space like a desk or something like that. Also, it has a smooth and glossy look that adds to the tank some aesthetic feels. And the filter of this aquarium is contained out of the side that also increases the space in order to keep fish fun and active all day.

This biOrb MCR Aquarium would be really a great choice for beginners because of its easy maintenance. The company of this aquarium designed this package in such a way that newbies or beginners can easily start their aquarium hobby. For that consideration, they provide all the essential things that a beginner should have to keep running this tank.


  • Easy maintenance
  • High relaxation
  • Stylish and functional
  • Strongly build


  • No major cons have been found

Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit

Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit
This Hygger Horizon, 8 Gallon tank, is also designed for people who are starters in this hobby. It is suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquarium. And, you can put in small fish that is longer than two-inch or small turtle or even betta fish as well. (But keeping fish in a small tank, be sure you are keeping them in a proper ratio between tank space and fish number.)

This home aquarium comes with a combo package that includes all the basic needs such as an 8 Gallon glass tank, a 110 GPH (Gallon Per Hour) internal power filter pump, colored LED light, and an aquarium background that is permanently attached to the tank.

It can add a great decoration with its curved shape to your home, office, or wherever you like to see it. This curved shape glass of the tank looks like a wider view of the aquarium and is able to contain more water than a normal tank capacity. The total volume of this tank is 8 Gallon, and it can contain up to 6 Gallon of water because of its undetachable awesome 3D background decor. Overall this tank is extremely nice and stylish.


  • Dimension: 19″ L x 11.8″ W x 9.6″ H, the upper width is 8.7″.
  • Filtration: Two-stage filtration system
  • Decor: 3D rockery background
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Impressive design with 3D background
  • In-depth looking
  • Great filter-flow
  • Easer to set up


  • No heater is provided with this

Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit

Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit
When it comes to a small aquarium like 5 Gallon tank, the Fluval Spec V aquarium kit would be an ideal choice for you. It comes with etched glass that makes the aquarium contemporary-looking. It is perfect for small spaces such as desktops and counters.

The aquarium has a strong circulation pump that output nozzle is adjustable. And has a three-stage powerful filtration system that keeps the water clean and clear.

To keep the filtration system more effective, the manufacture of the tank provides all the necessary filter media such as a porous foam block with a suitable handle, activated carbon, and some bio max rings. The tank has a separate chamber in order to keep your pump and filtration system. On the other hand, there is a space to include a heater if you want to attach it to the tank.

It also comes with a great lighting system that works effectively on fish, plants, and decor. The light is situated above the aquarium so that it can provide vivid illumination for the aquarium creatures.


  • Dimensions : 24.7 x 12 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 15.5 Pounds
  • Contemporary modern design
  • Separate chamber for filter
  • Extra space for heater


  • Modern design and more decorative
  • Required less space
  • Beginners friendly and easy maintaining


  • Not very functional

Marina LED Aquarium Kit

Marina LED Aquarium Kit
This Marina LED aquarium kit, especially 10 Gallon, is a great choice for novices and venture into the aquatic world. Like our previously mentioned tank, it also provides all the necessary equipment to get started. (However, the company didn’t forget to include an aquarium care guide for a newbie.)

The shape of the tank is rectangular, and the LED light that is is incorporated into the tank canopy provides to fish the right amount of light.

Along with the LED, filter, and heater, the aquarium comes with a fishnet, thermometer, water conditioner, fish food, biological supplement, and an aquarium care guide to learn about how to maintain an aquarium. This means a perfect package for starting an aquatic hobby for the first time.


  • Dimensions : 12.91 x 10.24 x 20.2 inches
  • Wight: 17.35 Pounds
  • Clip-on filter with quick-change filter cartridges
  • Slim filter
  • Everythings come together


  • Designed for beginners
  • Required less space to keep
  • Adjustable filter flow


  • There is no flap cover when the hood is opening

Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit

Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit
This aquarium kit comes with four variations are 3.4 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 7.5 Gallon, and 10 Gallon, and all variations are designed for beginners. It has a special bent glass and is frameless and seamless that provides an unobstructed view on all sides and even including the top.

This aquarium kit includes a bent glass tank, an effective and easy-to-use cascade filter, floss pads to keep out debris and other particles, a carbon pouch to eliminate dirt and odors. Besides, a coarse sponge of the biological filter provides an absolute surface for essential bacterial growth.

The filter has consisted of some trays in order to help you add the extra media. And, when it comes to change the flow rate, you can do it easily by rotating the inlet, output nozzles, jet nozzles, and spray bar. This feature will be most useful if you own betta fish because betta fish don’t like turbulent water.


  • Dimension: 17.75 x 11.75 x 12.63 inches
  • Weight: 19.25 Pounds
  • Bent and thicker glass tank
  • Awesome view
  • The whole back is open for adding anything like a heater, bubbler, etc.


  • The filter is strong and adjustable.
  • Adjustable lighting system
  • Comes with a rubber mat


You may feel the accessories are cut-rate

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying a Fish Tank For The First Time


Maintaining an aquarium is not only depend on just a fish tank; it also depends on some important accessories. As a beginner, you might be attracted to see the “Discount” on just buying a tank. But keep in mind that you will need more things to keep your fish healthy after buying a fish tank.

If you want to buy a fish tank and maintain it thoroughly at a minimum cost, you need starting primarily at least $150 to $250. Many types of equipment are required for a home aquarium (based on the tank) to maintain it properly.

So, if you don’t have as much money as it requires in order to keep going, I will suggest you save more funds until you can buy everything you need.


For beginners, it is recommended to avoid a fish tank that is up to 10 gallons. Small tanks are difficult to maintain and create toxins more than large tanks. Aquarium chemistry and water temperature are most often uncontrollable in the small tank due to its quick changes. So when you are just a beginner, go for a larger tank that is up to 10 gallons. If possible, go for 20 gallons or larger. The larger tank is easier to maintain.


Here a calculation, you have to mind that around a 15 gallons tank contains around 200 Pounds weight when it is fully filled with just water (except other accessories). That means you can’t keep it on a shelf or desk when it is up to 15 gallons; rather, keeping it on an aquarium stand is a much better option.

Besides, during maintenance, adding or removing fish from the tank or mounting other aquarium accessories make the water splash that can wet your desktop or shelf. So, keep in mind that and put the tank in the right place.

Usually, an aquarium should be placed in an area that is away from direct sunlight or a place where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate.

Number Of fish

When it comes to accommodating fish and tank space, be realistic about it. Keep fish in the tank based on its space. If you think of buying a larger tank, you should start with a few small and easy-care fish. It can make your maintenance task easy and make you a successful aquarist.

Note: Starting as a beginner, make sure you have kept low-maintenance fish in a large tank. And, make a good plan before buying fish, tanks, and other accessories that highly impact the overall aquarium environment.

Glass or acrylic, which is better?

This is a commonly asked question that which one is better between glass or acrylic. Though the answer is pretty much dependable on your choice, I will recommend you go for buying a glass tank. Acrylic tanks are easily get scratched. Even pebbles that you put on at the bottom of the tank can ding up.

Although acrylic is easily repairable, there are many people who don’t want to get hassled by buffing out scratches. Besides, this type of tank comes at a reasonable price, and maintaining is easy that will be best for a newbie aquarist, I think.

Types of fish tanks for a home aquarium

There are many different types of fish tanks available out there. Four types of fish tanks are considered the main type and are also most popular than other types of aquariums. These main types of fish tanks are Freshwater fish tanks, Saltwater fish tanks, Brackish fish tanks, and Coldwater fish tanks.

Types of fish tanks for a home aquarium

There are some common types of fish tanks below.

  • Freshwater Aquarium
  • Saltwater (Marine) Aquarium
  • Coldwater Aquarium
  • Brackish Aquarium
  • Betta Fish Tank
  • Breeder Tank
  • Large Tank
  • Kids’ Tank

How many fish per gallon in a fish tank

How many fish should you keep in per gallon of water? Generally, it is considered good for small fish that 1 inch per fish is required 1 gallon of water. This rule is only for small fish. But, when you have larger fish like goldfish and cichlids, you have to keep them following the rule of 1 inch of fish in a 2 gallon of water. For a larger fish, this rule is safer to go by.

Like a human body, fishes are not the same in shape and size. Keeping ten inches of slender-shaped fish like “Zebra Danios” in a ten-gallon aquarium is not the same when you use the same tank for a full-bodied goldfish.

The larger fish comparatively creates more waste in the tank, and they require more water in order to maintain a proper biological filtration system.