Is My Fish Happy? – Sign of Happy Fish

You know fish is an animal that has a mouth but can’t smile. It would be very impressive if aquarium fishes can smile after seeing the owners. They can’t laugh, but we wish that fishes could laugh after hearing jokes! So how do you know if my fish is happy? You may ask yourself, is my fish happy?

It is important to identify if your fishes are friends or foes, just like knowing their behavior. You can think that your fish is happy now when you notice that the fish is swimming energetically throughout the entire tank. And it just avoids hanging or laying at the bottom, floating near the top, and hiding behind the decorations like plants and driftwood. A happy fish eats regularly and swims actively to the surface during feeding time.

Sign of happy fish

Is my fish happy?
  1. Swim energetically throughout the entire tank
  2. Eat regularly
  3. Don’t just hang or floating near the top.
  4. They have a vibrant glow on their skin.
  5. Their skin looks good and vivid.
  6. Fish Don’t be scared to see other fish in the tank (scare will make them hide and cower from other fish in the aquarium.)
  7. Breathing normally (unusual breathing is a sign of sick or unhappiness)
  8. Enjoy eating
  9. Fish will be dazzling colored with vibrant scales.
  10. Regularly expand their gills (but not quickly)
  11. Fish’s body has no spot, the fins will tear and ragged free, and the eye will be restless
  12. Have social interaction with each other

How can I make my fish happy?

How can I make my fish happy

When it comes to deciding which pet you should be kept in your house or office and which one is easy to maintain, many beginners come to the fish tank as their first choice. But it can be overwhelming about how hard the water creature can be! Fortunately, keeping the fish as a pet is easier to manage than the rest. However, after having a fish, you may question how I can make my fish happy and healthy? Here are some key points that can make your pet fish healthy and happy. Just follow it properly.

Adapting your fish wisely.

Fish, like other animals, need a suitable place for petting. The environment should be appropriate for them in order to make them happy and healthy. To do that, first, you have to do a lot of research on the types of fish you are petting. The research ensures you to know what your fish like and what they don’t. Such as, the research may include the ph level that is so important to fish to thrive in aquariums. If the ph level is so high or low, your fish can’t be well. It may even cause fish death. The temperature in the aquarium is another most important thing you have to research. What is a suitable temperature, and what food your fish love to feed? You have to know to make your fish happy and healthy

Be serious about fish keeping, rather than decorative.

Having an aquarium in the home or office is indeed a decorative purpose. But it should be more than decoration because it has live animals inside the tank. And, you have to ensure they have an appropriate environment. A bigger tank is considered eye-catching, and a smaller one is a perfect fit on the table. But ever you think which one is perfect for your fish? Depending on the types of fish, you may need a larger or smaller aquarium. Fish need sufficient space to live energetically. They require neither a small tank nor a bigger tank. You have to research them, which size tank is suitable for them and which size tank gives them enough oxygen reducing excessive pH levels.

Provide them proper tank size

It is a significant factor in making a fish happy. However, the number of fish impacts tank size. A single fish may require several gallons of water. When choosing the tank size for your fish, keep in mind their age because the younger fish can get bigger over time. Comparatively, a big tank is suitable for fish. It can provide enough oxygen and takes time to get dirty.

Create a natural environment

There are two main types of aquarium fish available, freshwater fish and saltwater fish. Each of them needs a different environment. Some fish require warmer temperatures, and others require normal temperatures like room temperature. You have to make sure you provide them the right environment for your fish. To create a proper fish environment, you may need a substrate that can be bought from a fish store or collected naturally. Fish will also need a hiding place as a natural habitat. In the saltwater tank, you can add sand to mimic the environment of the ocean.

Check the pH level regularly.

Keeping the right pH level is the essential part of making your fish happy. There are many aquarium pH test kits available to check. If you use tap water, always try to reduce chlorine from the water. However, there are dechlorinator available to make the water suitable for fish.

Remove excess algae

Keep the aquarium clean in every single way possible. Fish love clean water, and the clean tank always keeps the fish refreshed in mind. Excess algae in the aquarium can reduce the oxygen level for the fish and create a dirty look. Removing unwanted plants also makes a fish happy and prevents fluctuating pH levels. There are algae magnets and a long brush available to keep the tank clean.

Change the water frequently.

Some people change their aquarium water monthly basis, which should not be. Irregular water changes may result in murky water. To keep the water clean and suitable for fish, try to change 25% of the water every week. Don’t change full water as it destroys beneficial bacteria that are essential for making a fish happy. However, don’t forget to dechlorinate the new water before adding it into the tank. Dechlorination keeps the fish away from poison and alerts pH levels. If you change the water infrequently or change in bulk, it will affect water temperature.


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