Kessil ap700 LED Aquarium Light Review

As a first-time aquarium owner, I was very excited to buy my first fish tank and I did a lot of research before I bought a tank to make sure that I would get a healthy and happy fish. I knew all about lighting and filtration but the biggest problem that I faced was finding an aquarium light that would promote the growth of corals in my tank. I just didn’t want to settle for a basic light and I wanted to make sure that the corals in my tank would grow to be a beautiful backdrop for my fish. That is when I found the Kessil AP700 LED light. In this review, I will tell you about this light and how it can be used to grow beautiful corals and fish

Kessil ap700 LED Aquarium Light Review

kessil ap700 led aquarium light review

Lighting is an important consideration for any reef aquarist, and now that LED technology has matured, there are many options on the market. One of these is the kessil ap700, which I have had the pleasure of testing. 

The kessil ap700 is a new light that was designed with reef tanks in mind. It has the typical but impressive features of being able to be mounted to any angle and having the ability to control multiple lights. The build is extremely solid, and the controls are very simple to use.

Kessil brings this light with canopy-friendly features. Aquarium owners who have aquariums with canopy can easily use this light installation hassle-free. The setup with the provided app is pretty annoying, however, doing it manually the light itself is nothing hassle.

If you can set up and adjust it properly, you can notice that your corals are being started within a few months. It is the light fixture that all reef and aquarium creatures would love.

After installation of the kessil ap700 light, the tank will look totally changed. It is a stylish and compact design that is able to increase the beauty of the aquarium. It is more realistic and brighter to look at a glance.

The wifi controls are also good but there are now some bugs after updating the app. Hope it will be fixed soon. Otherwise, the wifi app is great for using. It is easy to use.

kessil ap700 dimensions and Specs

Fixture Dimensions: L 20″ x W 6.4″ x H 1.5″ ; 51cm x 16cm x 4cm

Weight: 4.81 lb / 2.18kg

Coverage Area: Up to 48” x 24” (122cm x 61cm)

Power Supply: 100-240 VAC (Input), 48 VDC (Output)

Power Usage: 185W


  • Hybrid Optics
  • Maximum Coverage
  • WiFi Controllability
  • Full-Color Spectrum
  • Color Mixing
  • Kessil Logic
  • Penetration
  • UV
  • Beautiful Shimmer
  • Full-Spectrum Light
  • Superior Color Mixing
  • Unrivaled Penetration
  • Proprietary UV Blend
  • Compact Design
  • Full-Color Controls
  • Fisheye optics

Hybrid Optics:

The hybrid Optics feature helps to stimulate and increase the effectiveness of the metal halide t5 combo. It has a specially designed lens and reflector that provides a wider light and superior penetration

Maximum Coverage:

The kessil ap700 led light provides a wider coverage inside the tank. It is designed in such a way that it can ensure maximum coverage. The updated dense matrix led arrays to ensure up to 48” of depth coverage.

Wifi controllability

The programmable accessibility makes the light more flexible to use. The iPad app gives aquarium owners easy access to control manually and program customized. It allows changing the color spectrum to full color, acclimation, lunar cycle, weather effects, and more.

Kessil Logic

It is easy to change the color by any preference. Its adjustable color channel allows easy changing of color variation that is best for coral growth and coloration.

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