Kessil H80 Tuna Flora Refugium LED Light Review

If you own a freshwater aquarium, a refugium LED light is a useful item for the tank. Adding this light to the tank lets your plants grow perfectly. It ensures proper aquatic configuration with its filtering properties. You can put algae or Chaetomorpha into your refugium light. It maintains the proper filtration system for fish growth. 

But it’s very important to choose the best refugium LED light for ultimate advantage. 

Are you in search of the best LED light for your Refugium? 

The brand Kessil offers you the perfect option to fulfil your needs. It is a reputed brand that delivers products that are effective and outstanding. They feature a lot more to do a great job. 

With this in mind, today, I am going to suggest the perfect refugium LED light for your aquarium. Kessil H80 gooseneck can be a great option for you. I discuss the features and benefits of the product for your better understanding. I have already studied many Kessil H80 tuna flora reviews to be sure whether the product is perfect for you. So, I’m gotta discuss the specifications and advantages of the Kessil H80. 

Kessil H80 Tuna Flora Refugium LED Light Review

The super-compact H80 tuna flora refugium LED light from Kessil is designed to suit your aquarium. It comes with an impressive output. 

 There are 4 different light modes available in the device. Each mode offers different colors. The 4 different spectrums are red, blue, grow and bloom. With that, it can make a decent light mixture to the water tank to ensure the plant’s growth. 

The attached accessories include-

  • Dimming feature
  • Varied knobs
  • Sunflower heat sink
  • Network light 

The Kessil H80 tuna flora refugium light is well-known due to its perfect color blending ranging the wavelength of 360-780 nm. The wavelength of light boosts the photosynthetic efficiency of the plants. It is perfect for the growth of all types of algae and marine plants.  

Kessil H80 offers easy settings for chaeto and the light level is preferable to its growth. The dimming option can run 32 light positions periodically. It also gives a humid environment for the pets. There is a sunflower heat sink to deliver heat directly to the water surface. The light comes with built-in technology of 90 watts that is powerful enough for your device. 


Type of light sourceLED
Weight1 pounds
DimensionsDismeter- 4.88″ & Height- 0.98″
Power supply100-240 V
Power consumption15w

Overall, the light is more convenient than other models. And, it is perfect for all-sized aquariums.

How To Choose An LED Refugium Light?

In order to thrive Chaetomorpha, it is noteworthy to select the best LED Refugium light. That’s why we are gonna talk about some factors you should consider in a refugium light before purchasing.

Before deciding to pay for a product the very first two things are important to consider- “Price and Brand”. The price should be attainable and the brand must be trustworthy. First of all, fix your budget and select the brand you want to buy. Then look for some of the important features-

Adjustable Light: 

If you are looking for the best LED refugium light, the light should be adjustable. It is important for your plants and helps to modify the tool according to the plant’s requirements. You may also look for a dimmer feature to shift between colors. 

The size of the light should be perfect for your setup. Because either too small light won’t grow your algae properly or the too big light won’t do a great job. So, the light should be perfect in size. 

Full Spectrum:

If you want the proper growth of your Chaetomorpha, a full spectrum of light is recommended. Usually, red and blue light is more preferable to the right growth for your algae. Mostly, the red-tinged light ensures proper growth of Chaetomorpha. 

Plus, you need to look for a powerful device. Be sure to check out the wattage. Make sure whether the device is sufficient to cover the tank. For this, nine watts is preferable. Always pay for a powerful device to meet up your needs. 

Considering these two important features is enough to get the perfect LED refugium light. So, before making a purchase look for the cost and brand first. And then consider the features you need. 

Advantage Of Using Kessil H80 Tuna Flora Refugium LED Light: 

For a proper aquatic configuration, filtration is the most important thing. If you own a marine tank, the system is even more crucial. In a reef tank, the water conditions must be perfect. 

In that case, a perfect refugium light can get the tank water in the exact condition. You can attach the light to your aquarium tank. It helps to filter the water to ensure the exact environment for your pet. With that, fish can get a healthy condition and able to breed more pets. 

H80 Tuna Flora Refugium LED Light Kessil helps to grow your plants maintaining the exact environment. This best LED light is preferable to the breed of Chaetomorpha. It maintains the filtration system properly and nourishes your plants. 

The LED light from Kessil features a dimming feature to change the positions of color lights. It comes in a perfect size to fit in your aquarium. It can operate 32 lights periodically for the proper growth of pets. It is an adjustable light to modify your aquarium as your plants prefer. The full spectrum light is powerful enough up to 90 watts to assure proper growth of your plants. 


Finding the best LED light for your aquarium is pretty much weary because it is time-consuming to get the right one from many options. For this, we have talked about Kessil H80 tuna flora reviews where you’ll get all the features you prefer in a refugium light. So, enjoy the functions of light. 

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