Marineland Aquarium Review | Benefits, Drawbacks and Our Experience

Marineland aquarium brand is one of the best market-leading companies in the US market. Since 1970 the Marineland has brought its knowledge to make products researching aquarium science and marine biology. Along with the aquarium kits, the company discovers the aquarium’s essential parts such as filters, LED lights, Covers, and more. 

Are you interested to know about the Marineland aquarium? Or, simply want to buy a Marineland aquarium? If so, it is necessary to get yourself everything known about this aquarium before making a purchase. Because all aquarium is not for everyone and every person has different choices

Top 3 Marineland aquariums we’ve reviewed here

  1. Marineland Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light
  2. Marineland Nook Aquarium Kit with Built-In LEDs and Hidden Filtration
  3. Marineland Silhouette aquarium Kit 3 Gallons, Sleek Curved Base, Includes LED Lighting

Marineland Aquarium Review: Contour Glass aquarium kit With Rail Light

Marineland Contour glass Aquarium kit Reviews

The Marineland contour glass aquarium kit has come into the marketer in two variations. These are a three-gallon desktop aquarium kit and a five-gallon aquarium kit. Both of them have a 3 stage hidden filtration system, and parts are invisible to look to anyone from outside. And the tank is looking bigger than it is really is.

It is a beautiful, sleeked, designed aquarium with round-shaped corners and a glass canopy to easily access the aquarium. 

When you need to open it, The glass canopy smoothly slides back under the filter cover and makes the feeding and maintenance super easy for you.

Besides this, it has a great rail-lighting feature that creates a bright white glow during the day and a blue illumination at night. It looks very gorgeous and very peaceful as home decor. 

What’s in the kit?

The contour glass aquarium kit comes with everything you need to set up your tank

  • A glass tank
  • Glass Canopy
  • 3-way lighting system
  • 3 Stage Filtration System
  • Filter Cartridge
  • Filter BOx
  • BIO Foam (pre-assembled)
  • Adjustable Flow Filter Pump
  • Pump Tube
  • Pump Power Cord
  • And more


Product Dimensions9.5 x 10 x 10 inches
Item ModelML90610
Weight8 Pounds
Brand SupportYes


The Marineland contour aquarium kit has a unique lighting system that is really energy-efficient and provides the best illumination for your fish and plants. The lighting system is just lovely and elegant for its 3-way switching mood (toggle between white and blue, off, and blue-only settings).

When the Bright White is on, the shimmering blue effects are also on to enhance the aquarium’s beauty. 

However, you can choose the only blue effects separately at night time using the key button, but it is important when you maintain a saltwater aquarium. Otherwise, it is all right for a freshwater aquarium using both bright white and blue effect at the same time.

Keep in mind that The Marineland contour aquarium kits’ light is only perfect when you want to put low-light plants in the tank, like ferns and anubias. It is not for the plants that require a high level of light to thrive. But, you want to keep high-light plants in the tank, you can do it manually by attaching the additional LEDs. There is enough space to do this. The beauty of the aquarium won’t be destroyed anyway.


This kit has a 3 stage advanced filtration (biological, chemical, and mechanical) that is super effective to keep the tank water clean and debris-free. Although it is tough to control water flow in the small tank, the Marineland aquarium has no issue with that. It has really quite good and effective three-stage filtration.

The filter cover you will find attached to the aquarium lid means you can’t open the filter cover without opening the aquarium cover. However, it is easy to clean and maintain.

In the tank, you have a 2.7-gallon space attaching all the filter components, which seems great and attractive to me, and the fish will definitely enjoy themselves.

Besides, The black part of this filter creates a beautiful look to show off your fish and decoration. That makes it so gorgeous looking.

NOTE: If you want to keep fry fish that are unable to thrive with a normal flow, I will recommend you keep the more decore in the tank. If you have less decor in the aquarium, you may find the flow rate a bit fast for your small fishes. So it is recommended to control the flow rate and make a suitable environment for your fish; keep a bit more decor inside the aquarium that can prevent the fast flow.

Our Experience

To analyze this Marineland contour glass aquarium kit, we have used this kit for a couple of months. In our close look, we found this is a tank is an excellent desktop tank. It looks very gorgeous and more stylish. Even it looks much bigger than its actual size.

It includes all the essential parts for installing it instantly. And those parts are really made of high-quality material. We had very satisfied with this kit for its neat features. One of the greatest things is the rail lighting feature. It shines inside the whole aquarium beautifully and creates a stylish glow that every decor looks more attractive and appealing.

We had found the filter is quite good and effective for cleaning debris and increasing beneficial bacteria. When we experimented with the filter with betta fish, it worked best for the minimum flow rate. When the flow power was max, the betta was pretty much irritated. So keeping the flow rate minimum is the recommended setting for the small and betta fish.

For the first time, the only issue we had faced with this tank is water output speed. In the lowest settings, the water output speed is pretty much fast for our betta fish. However, it was easily fixable by taking the shoot off the filter (where the water comes out and trickles back). After that, the betta was swimming perfectly.

Customer Experience

This tank is rated 5 stars for its performance from over 73% of real and verified customers. And they have no major issues with this tank.


  • It looks very stylish and attractive
  • Advance 3 Stage Filtration 
  • Unique Rail Lighting Feature
  • High-Quality Secure Glass Lid
  • Easy Setup and Maintenance
  • Adjustable Water Pump
  • Fish enjoy this tank
  • Wonderful Build Quality


No major Cons have been Found!

See Amazon Reviews For more Details.

Suggestions for Marineland Aquarium

Replace the water cartridge every 4 or 5 weeks

Perform monthly water changes

Test the water carefully every week to monitor water chemistry

Frequently Asked Questions

How to unpack the Marineland aquarium kit?

  1. To unpack the Marineland aquarium kit, first, you have to remove the glass canopy from the styrofoam and keep it in a secure place out of the box. 
  2. Then outbox the glass tank
  3. Remove the LED light and cardboard tray from the tank.
  4. Detach the pump power cord from the filter box
  5. Outbox the filter cartridge from the plastic bag
  6. Lift the Styrofoam from the bottom of the box to access the Tank Base.

How to adjust the flow rate of the pump?

Adjusting the flow rate of the Marineland aquarium pump is easy as you think. To do this, you have to first unplug the pump from the wall outlet and remove the filter cover. After that, pull the pump out of the filter box.

And then turn the adjustment knob counterclockwise to decrease the flow rate and clockwise to increase the flow rate.


If you want an aquarium kit that is easy to maintain and all supplies are available on its brand, then, the Marineland aquarium ki would definitely be a great choice for you. It requires a really simple setup and easy maintenance. 

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