Simplicity DC Protein Skimmer Review (In-Depth)

How will it look when you sit on the sofa and enjoy live water activities at your home?  Honestly, it sounds interesting, and today, the aquarium system makes that scenario real. Notably, the mechanism behind the aquarium is a bit more complex. The natural underwater flavor comes after using some devices. 

One of the must have devices for an aquarium especially the saltwater aquarium or reef tank is protein skimmer. With that device, you can wipe out uneaten food and other organic compounds from the water to lower the nitrate level. Moreover, if you want to ensure the good health of your aquarium’s fish or coral, you must manage this device. 

But the question comes to mind, how do you manage the best DC protein skimmers for your needs. You may find plenty of DC protein skimmers out on the market from different brands, which makes it confusing to choose the right one.

But, We hope, with this simplicity DC protein skimmer review guide, you can choose the best one for your requirements. Let’s take a look at our list of the 5 best Simplicity skimmers and their unbiased reviews. 

Short Specifications

Model 120DC 240DC 320DC 540DC 800DC
Pump 120DC 240DC 320DC 540DC 800DC
Dimension 6.7×6.3×18.5 inch 8.3×7.9×19.5 inch 9×8.25×21.25 inch 9.9x11x22 inch 12.2×13.4×23.7 inch
Diameter 4.75 inch 5.5 inch 6.25 inch 7.9 inch 10 inch
Bioload Rating Heavy = 60
Medium = 90
Light = 120
Heavy = 120
Medium = 180
Light = 240
Heavy = 160
Medium = 240
Light = 320
Heavy = 270
Medium = 405
Light = 540
Heavy = 400
Medium = 600
Light = 800
Warranty 2 years for skimmer & 1 year for pump 2 years for skimmer & 1 year for pump 2 years for skimmer & 1 year for pump 2 years for skimmer & 1 year for pump 2 years for skimmer & 1 year for pump

Simplicity DC Protein Skimmer Review

Many brands bring protein skimmer; among those, simplicity is one of them. They introduced five different types of protein skimmer in the market. We give a detailed discussion in the following section to help you in choosing.

Let’s get started. 

Simplicity 120DC Protein Skimmer Review -Ideal for 120 gallon aquarium

Simplicity 120DC Protein Skimmer

Simplicity 120DC skimmer pump is simple, affordable, and effective for successful protein skimming. DC pump is one of the main attractions of a protein skimmer. To satisfy the customer in this section, the manufacturer attaches the wheel impeller and controller. Therefore you will find it as energy-efficient and powerful. 

So, what lies herein to operate this protein skimmer? Well, in simplicity 120 dc skimmer in sump with dc pump, you will find a feed mode that allows easy to adjust the pump speed and turn off this skimmer. 

To store the waste, the manufacturer attaches a bayonet locking collection cup. Moreover, a pipe is connected to the collection cup drain. 

The Cone shape design will facilitate foam concentrating when it rises. Interestingly, you can assemble this protein skimmer in just 10 to 15 minutes. The manufacturer attaches a digital readout display; hopefully, it will help you monitor speed and power consumption.



  • This protein skimmer won’t produce much sound, but you may hear a little sound from the air silencer.
  • The manufacturer uses HQ cast acrylic to make it, therefore it becomes durable and cleaning-friendly. 
  • Its thumb screw assembly makes this skimmer cleaning-friendly. 


  • It will be better if the manufacturer changes the collection cup’s size. 

Simplicity Protein Skimmer 240DC Review- Ideal for 240 gallon aquarium

Simplicity Protein Skimmer 240DC

Our next pick is Simplicity Protein Skimmer 240DC which offers a great service to the newbie. Here you will find multiple blissful features to filter the saltwater aquarium painlessly. In addition, the manufacturer uses a needle wheel which will help in creating fine bubbles. 

The DC pump seems robust and energy-efficient. 

Note: If you find the motor runs dry, you can take a bucket and put some warm water with white vinegar. Now put the DC motor in it and plug it in; hopefully, your issue will be solved. 

While operating this skimmer, you may have to monitor the present speed and power consumption. Here lies a digital display to facilitate the monitoring. 

The perfect water level to get the best service from this skimmer is 9 inches. Nevertheless, this skimmer will become less efficient if the level drops under 8 inches. 

The wastage will be stored in a bayonet locking collection cup which seems easy to detach and clean.



  • The controlling system is customized.
  • You can use its hybrid cone design to enhance contact time.
  • Here used HQ cast acrylic makes it durable and cleaning-friendly. 


  • It may take some time to break in.

Simplicity 320DC Protein Skimmer Review – Ideal for 320 gallon aquarium

Simplicity 320DC Protein Skimmer

If you have a 320 gallons aquarium, you can choose 320 DC protein skimmer tension-freely. The manufacturer uses a needle wheel and DC pump, which will help in creating micro-fine bubbles. Here the bubble will help in maximizing the contact area between the water and bubbles. That mechanism will boost up the air-water interface and capture maximum organic compounds. 

Another interesting feature in the design is a hybrid cone that improves the bubbles and proteins’ contact time. Therefore the organic compounds will get enough change to adhere to the bubbles. Plus, the cone design facilitates concentrating the foam and storing it in the cup. 

You can easily clean and maintain this protein skimmer because of its thumbscrew assembly. 

Plus, the body is made of acrylic material; hopefully, your skimmer will last for a long time. 

In the monitoring system, this skimmer won’t disappoint you. You will get an easy-to-read digital display that will provide you with speed and power consumption-related information. 

Finally, the size of this unit is 22 inches, hopefully a perfect size for your unique tank setup.



  • The DC pump is controllable.
  • Attach a collection cup with drain.
  • The design will improve the contact time between proteins and bubbles.


  • The control is sensitive so, you need to be careful during adjusting.

Simplicity 540 DC Protein Skimmer Review- Ideal for 540 gallon aquarium

Simplicity 540 DC Protein Skimmer

Now we bring another protein skimmer named simplicity 540 DC protein skimmer. This protein skimmer is ideal for a 540-gallons aquarium. Here used a needle wheel and a DC pump to create micro-fine bubbles. 

The footprint is small, which won’t occupy much space. The cleaning is really tiresome for any device, don’t worry, this skimmer is very friendly in this arena. The manufacturer uses thumb screw assembly to make it cleaning-friendly. 

You can easily read the wedge pipe setting indicator. Moreover, the air intake is adjustable. You can dial the skimmer through the controllable pump.



  • Easy to clean.
  • Robust build.
  • The speed of the DC pump can be adjusted. 
  • Two years warranty


  • No tellable cons were found.

Simplicity 800 DC Protein Skimmer Review- Ideal for 800 gallon aquarium

Simplicity 800 DC Protein Skimmer

Our last pick on this list is slimplicity 800 DC protein skimmer which is ideal for an 800-gallon aquarium. The diameter is 10 inches; hopefully, it won’t occupy much space. In addition, the manufacturer uses an 800DC pump which is hopefully much more powerful and energy-efficient. 

The assembly is easy and much cleaning-friendly. You will get a readable controller in this device; therefore, you can easily monitor the speed and power consumption. The construction is very sturdy; therefore it will serve you a long time.



  • Durable.
  • Cleaning is friendly.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • No tellable cons are found herein. 

Buying Guide: Things to consider while buying the Best protein skimmer

The size of the Aquarium 

The first thing you need to look at is the aquarium size. Those who are a newbie in this hobby typically buy a small one and upgrade it after a few years. This is because they want to give space for more corals and fish. 

When you wish to buy a protein skimmer, you have to choose the relevant size; otherwise, it won’t work effectively.


The inhabitants of your tank will produce waste, and that waste is called bioload. Notably, the bioload of all 120-gallon aquariums or other sizes isn’t the same. You will find a bioload difference in the tank. But, the most important thing is the bioload typically depends on the fish’s size and amount. 

Based on that statement, more fish means more bioload. One point worth mentioning is the size and amount both need to be the same; for example, a small amount of large fish will produce more bioload than a huge amount of little fish.

If you want to keep bigger fish, you have better choose a bigger skimmer. 

The Pump

If you look at the protein skimmer parts, you will find the pump plays a very important role. Here the hack is pump help to produce the bubbles which carry waste. Moreover, you will find a needle wheel impeller in the best protein skimmer, which helps in chopping incoming air into even smaller bubbles.

Another fact is you will get many tiny bubbles if your skimmer has better impellers. Those tiny bubbles will remove more waste by increasing the surface area. 

However, if you can manage HQ pumps, you will get long-term service. Plus, that pump will run quieter and won’t transfer more heat into the aquarium. 


Another important factor is space. Naturally, you have limited space to place the protein skimmer. So, try to choose the protein skimmer, which has a space-saving design and small footprint. 


Several designs of protein skimmers are available in the market. The design lets the protein skimmer work efficiently during rising and falling into the cup for easy removal. 

Some efficient designs are:

  • Wine Glass
  • Cone
  • Hybrid Cone


All the good protein skimmers aren’t made equally. You will find variations in features, build quality, etc. As a feature, you have to look at the DC pump, wedge pipe, and air adjustment valve to control bubble size. 

When you look at construction material, you have better choose cast acrylic (the best) or extrude acrylic and plastic. When you try to combine all the best materials, you definitely need to increase the budget. 

Final Thought

Now, we want to wrap up our discussion on the best DC protein skimmer. We hope that this complete simplicity DC protein skimmer review and the buying guide will help you choose the best device. Here we give details on five products from one brand. Although all the features are the same, but a notable difference lies in the size, coverage, bioload, etc. 

Hopefully, any of our enlisted skimmers will offer great service, but we suggest you choose the Simplicity DC skimmers based on your aquarium size.

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